Friday, May 18, 2012

Meet The Shadow Legion Part Two: The Nightbreaker

It's time to look at another one of Michelle Scuito's excellent character designs, and learn a little more about the heroes of the first book in The Shadow Legion series, New Roads To Hell.

This week we're going to look at this bust of The Striker From The Shadows, The Nightbreaker!
The Nightbreaker is one of two characters whose origin we'll experience in the pages of this novel....and he starts out as a fictitious character! The Nightbreaker is the hero of Nocturne, fighting crime and inspiring children once a week on WDSK...and Isaiah Copper, the actor who portrays The Daredevil In Darkness, knows a thing or two about hiding behind masks. But on a fateful Halloween night, Isaiah and the hero he portrays will merge into one...and Isaiah will find himself fighting to be the man he always hid from the public.

The Nightbreaker on the radio is a talented athlete and fighter with a number of high-tech gadgets. The Nightbreaker who haunts the streets of Nocturne isn't just so quick he looks like he appears and disappears at will--he literally seems to melt into the shadows to strike out at his enemies from nowhere. He is a man who dwells in the space between days, allowing him to move silently through our world to get the job done. As we'll see, Isaiah becomes The Nightbreaker and uses his fame as this character to re-assert his existence in a world that has forgotten him...and ends up becoming the protector of a world he tried to forget.

The other thing that's interesting about The Nightbreaker is that he's going to be the hero of a short story for an upcoming volume of Mystery Men and Women, an anthology series from Airship 27.  I'm using that story, called 'The Tick Tock Men,' as a way to bridge between Books One and Two.  While I'm writing it as a stand-alone, the goal is to show how Isaiah (and the city of Nocturne itself) goes from where it is in 1941 to where it is in 1966, when The Devil's Toybox takes place. I'll be writing stories featuring individual Shadow Legion characters as a way to filling in the details between the larger novels.

Feel free to ask any questions about this dashing hero--or the dastardly baddie you met last week. And come back soon to see another of the Defenders of The City That Lives By Night!

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