Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meet The Domino Lady

Hey, gang...this week I figured I'd like to share another piece of great Michelle Scuito artwork from another project we're doing for Airship 27.

Based on Michelle's amazing sketches, we were asked to contribute an eight page Domino Lady adventure, "Bad Faith Healer," for Airship 27's All Star Pulp Comics. The Domino Lady was a masked crimefighter created by someone writing under the pseudonym of Lars Anderson--the big mystery as to who Lars Anderson was remains unsolved--who fought corruption and evil in pre World War II Los Angeles with a gun, a vial of knockout drops and a slinky evening gown.

The Domino Lady is not part of the Chimera Falls Universe...although if you read some of the Shadow Legion stories you will see a little nod of the cap to this great character.

Here's Michelle character sketches for The Domino Lady. Be sure to visit her deviant art page and check out her wonderful work!

And join me in the coming weeks as I have some conversations with other writers working in super-hero prose fiction, beginning with the creator of The Sentinels series of novels, Van Allen Plaxico!

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