Friday, November 30, 2012

The Cover For All-Star Pulp 2

Hey, gang--you remember me talking in the past about a Domino Lady comic book story I collaborated on with the awesome and amazing Michelle Scuito, right?  Well, the All Pulp blog released an image that showed the progression cover artist Will Meugnoit (perhaps best known for co-creating The DNAgents back in the 80's) did to come up with the cover for All-Star Pulp #2, which will feature that story, 'Bad Faith Healer.'  It depicts Dillon, the New Pulp character created by my friend Derrick Ferguson, battling alongside Helene, the ginger-haired mate of classic pulp hero Ki-Gor.

Pretty neat, huh?

Watch this space for more info as All-Star Pulp #2 nears release.

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