Saturday, March 9, 2013

First Glimpse Of...The Multi-Gun!

Hey, gang...if you remember, I mentioned in my last update how my friend David Lugo is designing and building props for all the weapons in the Shadow Legion series.  Well, last night he (with help from his son, Matthew), sent me this schemata!
You won’t see the Multi-Gun until the Nightbreaker story in The Shadow Legion Casebook Volume One: Four For Danger, but I hope you’ll find it one cool weapon.  Incidentally, David has broken down the name into an acronym; the Multi-Gun stands for The Multi-Lateral Tri-Yield Gun.  Why?  You’ll find out soon!

I expect to be posting an update soon, followed by the long-awaited visit to the Agency from Jeff Deischer, writer of the epic novel of the Golden Age of heroes called...well, The Golden Age!  And wait until you see who I’ve got lined up for our next visitor!

More later, amigos!

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