Saturday, April 14, 2012

For Those Just Joining Us....

Here are the links to already extant stories set in the Chimera Falls Universe...

Onyx Revolver
This serial was originally conceived as part of Frontier Publishing, the pulpish concern which ultimately evolved into Pulpwork Press. It's the first thing of mine to be set in Chimera Falls and introduces both El Vengedore de Sangre and Elsa Dawn, both of whom I intend to have pop up again in some form. However, the version of the Falls you read about in this story is very different than the one you will see in later iterations of the world, so take what you read with a grain of salt.

If you're curious about the original version of this story, you can find it here.  Later on, I made an attempt to rewrite and rework it. Dino Pollard was kind enough to host my attempt on DC Omega during its orginal incarnation. Neither version, of course, was completed.

Gawain Knight and The Ungentlemanly Caller
A story featuring one of the Protectors of Chimera Falls, it's noteworthy for sketching out some of the neighborhoods of this New England city and establishing it as a major fishing center. Knight is a Rogue-With-A-Code-Of-Honor that I intended to be my tribute to one of my favorite heroic character, Leslie Charteris' Simon Templar. You can find the tale here.

Don Cuevo's Curative
This story introduced the possibly ageless, disturbingly quiet frontier exorcist Don Cuevo and his assistant Dolores. The interesting thing about Cuevo is that he originated elsewhere. A version of the character, sans Dolores and the semi-Lovecraftian motivations, showed up in my fanfic version of Birds of Prey, originally written for Bill K'Tepi's DC Year Two, and then rewritten for Vertigo: Subculture. You can still find the V:S version here if you're curious to see where Don Cuevo sprung from.

If you want to read the actual story that introduced Don Cuevo, you'll have to go to Pulpwork Press and plunk down your coin for a copy of How The West Was Weird. You also have to go to Pulpwork Press to purchase the debut of...

Doc Thunder Pursued
The steampunky inventor/secret agenty crime fighter, Doc Elias Thunder came to me literally in a dream, when I woke up one morning with the idea of a chase between cowboys astride motorcycles in my head. This was written in a rush of inspiration, and opens up a whole new world of fantastic thrills in this universe. The story within How The West Was Weird Volume Two is the character's origin, and I've already got a second adventure cooking in my brain, waiting for me to finesse it into an actual story. As with Don Cuevo, go to Pulpwork Press to purchase the book and enjoy the tale.

That's the whole extant Chimera Falls Universe at this time. You'll be learning more about the characters who make up The Shadow Legion and their city, Nocturne, here as we move closer to the release of the first book, New Roads of Hell, through Airship 27 sometime in the near future.

So go, read the stories. Have fun. Then come back here and we'll hang out some more!

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