Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mark Down This Date...

This is a Neo-Victorian portrait of Wonder Man
and Bloodstone I commissioned from Michelle.
Namely May 5th.

If you're in the Piscataway, NJ area--or if you like traveling around and visiting comic book shows--you might want to visit The Wild Pig Super Show on that date.


I didn't commission this piece of Cassandra Cain,
sometimes known as Batgirl and presently known
as Black Bat dressed up as Ravager--but I
inspired it, so here it is!
My publisher for The Shadow Legion: New Roads To Hell likes to include illustrations in all their publications. The woman who is going to be providing those illustrations, and has been designing all the characters in the book, is Michelle Sciuto, who'll be a guest at the Super Show on that day. Michelle's a great artist whose work excels at infusing her characters with personality--she's also a great friend. Not only should you go to the Super Show to buy some commissions for her (I especially recommend her Neo-Victorian portraits, where she takes modern super-heroes and re-cast them in Neo-V style--I'll include one of the two portraits I commissioned from her so you can see what she's capable of!), but you should go if you're interested in this new phase of the Chimera Falls Universe because she'll be showing in public for the first time some of the character work she's been doing. Plus, there'll be a lil' teaser flyer featuring all four of our heroes, giving you a glimpse of the protectors of Nocturne, The City That Lives By Night!

I am going to be there--this'll be the first time I'll be meeting Michelle face-to-face--but please be sure to come by and check out here work. If you can't wait to see what she's capable of, go to her Deviant Art Page...and maybe you can plan what you want to pay her to draw!

I am so excited to have Michelle on board with The Shadow Legion Project, and I really hope you guys come by her table at The Wild Pig Super Show to check out her amazing work! I'll see you there.

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